Premix Storage

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Character of the work: Full-scope design, Planning permission, Detailed design

Construction: hot-dip galvanized steel structure
Span:  83 m
Inner height: 24 m
Steel mass: 295 to (including the purlins)

There are two types of premix storages, longitudinal with 40-60 m span and a circular structure compiled of segments. The aim of both is a prior mixing of the two main materials for cement production, limestone and clay.

At the year of its building, this circular Premix Storage at the Beremend Plant was the one with the biggest span in Europe.

According to the internal data of the Heidelberg Zement AG, which is the third biggest cement manufacturer in the world, specifically with such low structural steel using, no other engineering office have been solved this problem yet. (related to the stored material mass)