Clinker Silo

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Character of the work: Full-scope design, Planning permission, Detailed design

Geotechnical engineering: Trischler und Partner GmbH (Darmstadt)
Conception engineering: Peter und Lochner GmbH

Capacity: 90 000 to

Foundation: reinforced concrete slab foundation, 61 m diameter, 5.5 m thickness, 
Superstructure: prestressed concrete, 45 m diameter, 55 m height - 71 m in the middle

Reinforcement mass: 1 500 to
Concrete mass: 12 000 m3
The data show that the dimensions of the structure are imposing. Back then there was no silo built in Hungary with such size. Since then, only one has been made at the headquarters of Lafarge Cement Hungary Ltd. (formerly Nostra Cement Ltd.).